January 15, 2022
Amanda Milius Biography, Family, father

Amanda Milius Biography, Family, father

uglykidjoe.info – Amanda Milius is a famous girl. She is known as the daughter of the famous American screenwriter and director John Milius. In addition, it has his name and reputation in the film industry. Daughter of legendary screenwriter John Milius and a State Department graduate, she directed Conspiracy Against the President based on Lee Smith’s 2019 bestselling film.

Amanda Milius Biography, Family, father

Wikipedia and Amanda Jobs

Amanda doesn’t have a wiki page yet. However, we can find his bio on social media.

Amanda, like her father John, has followed in her father’s footsteps. In 2020 he directed a documentary called The Plot Against The President. He is involved in the production, writing and directing of documentaries and television series.
Amanda Milius Sen: How old is she? Well, Amanda’s actual age and date of birth are still unknown. If you look at her photos, she is 25 years old. His birthday seems to be January 1st.

He is also, of course, an American citizen since he is permanently resident in Orlando, Florida. Also Siblings of ethan jedediah milius who has same blood line.

Who is Amanda Milius’s husband?

In the case of her husband, Amanda Milius, she likely lived a lifetime.
Amanda has not revealed anything about her married life, so no one knows her husband.
He’s mostly focused on his career and doesn’t get too into his personal life.
In addition, Amanda did not share anything about her love life on her social media profiles.

All about Amanda Milius’ net worth

Amanda Milius has not disclosed her income, so her net worth is still being investigated. However, Milius must have gone to great lengths and sacrifices for the film industry. As an 1 AMDC institute, the income could have been even higher.

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